Students use individual devices in modern learning environments. We believe that 
e-learning is able to engage students at a deeper level, and provide an opportunity 
to be part of a global learning community. Being able to share and access learning with peers and family around the world creates exciting learning.  


We achieve excellent results in sports through a high quality sports programme. 
Top facilities and resources, experienced coaches and passionate teachers help us cater for a diverse range of sports. We make sure that sporting opportunities are available to all of our students. 

There are many great opportunities for students to excel in music and performing arts. We pride ourselves in helping students develop a passion and love for music. Students regularly compete and achieve great success in band competitions. We also provide opportunities for cultural groups to perform. 


Career pathways are developed through specialised teaching programmes of 
Food/ Fabric, Graphics, Workshop, Science and Visual Arts. Each of these courses focus on developing practical and essential skills that will equip students for the future.