Kia Ora
Dear Parents and Caregivers,
Welcome to Wesley Intermediate School.

I consider it to be a real privilege to be the Principal at Wesley Intermediate School and I am pleased to welcome you and your child to our school.

Throughout the years that I have been associated with this school, visitors have been impressed with the family spirit within our school. Most have been very surprised by what they see, and many have said, “I never knew the school was this good!” They have found the students engaged in a range of activities and were impressed with the students’ behaviour and the learning that was taking place. I am pleased to say that approximately 90% of the families that come in and visit our school go on to enrol their child here.

“At Wesley, we believe that it is our responsibility to equip your child to become a valued and constructive member of our society.” The staff at this school strive to deliver the very best in academic, sports and cultural activities, while all the time providing your child with a balanced programme. We aim to recognise the individual strengths of every member within the school.

In recent years, the Board of Trustees have entered into a contract with the Ako Hiko Trust to support our students using digital devices. The Trust purchase Chromebooks and then lease (to own) them to the families for a small amount of money on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. At the present time we are the only intermediate school working with the Ako Hiko Trust, who also support seven other primary schools in the local area.   

These digital classes have definitely engaged the students in their learning and I was so pleased to receive the following feedback from our students in regard to these classes...

“…we want to come to school now.”

“…didn’t have anything to look forward to… now we love school and …don’t want to miss school”

“…if we missed the bus, we would walk along to motorway to get to school now…”

“…we get to see our own progress…”

“…we get to learn more…”

”…the learning is faster and easier…more flexible…”

“…teachers can check on us even when we are at home and sick…they tell us to rest if we are working too hard…”

“…it’s fun… helps you learn, motivates you to do better…you can take the Chromebook home and continue with your work…”

When asked if they had to go back to a traditional classroom they answered “…my progress would go down if I had to go back to a normal class" "…some learning activities in the old classrooms were boring” “…a traditional classroom is old learning…”

These are exciting times to be associated with Wesley Intermediate School and we hope that you and your child will be part of them.

The two years spent at Intermediate are critical in your child’s development at a time of rapid emotional and physical growth. We endeavour to give students an opportunity to develop personal interests, self confidence and self-awareness. Greater independence is promoted, and every opportunity is taken to encourage creativity through a wide variety of activities. Intermediate school is a time to extend their own personal learning.

We insist on high standards and focus on positive behaviour for learning. This ensures that students of varying ages and ethnic origin are able to work together in a safe, secure and supportive environment.

Personally I believe that teaching the core subjects well, in particular Mathematics and English, integrating Technology into classroom programmes, and providing a safe environment for learning is what education is all about.

As a father, that is what I want for my own children! 

Nigel Davis