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Uniform, Fees and Stationery List


1 x QB Maths Book

1 x 14B5 Lined Refill

2 x 1B5 Exercise Book

1 x Ballpoint Pen, Medium Blue

1 x Ballpoint Pen, Medium Red

2 x HB Pencil

1 x Ruler 30cm White Plastic

1 x Eraser plastic liberty

1 x 3B1 notebook

2 x Refillable Display Book RED (Year 7 only)


1 x Refillable Display Book RED (Year 8 only)

Students are also expected to purchase their own Headphones for use with our computer equipment.

Acer Chromebook                                  $540.00

Technology Fee                     $80.00 per child/year/$20.00 per term

School Donation                            $40.00 per child/year/$10.00 per term

Science Activity Book                       $2.00

Software Licence Fee                       $8.00


Parents are asked to ensure that their children wear the correct uniform while attending this school.  Parents of pupils who persistently fail to wear full uniform will be reminded to maintain the tone and standards set by this school.  Your co-operation is appreciated.  PLEASE  NAME  ALL  CLOTHING  AND  SHOES


Red polo shirt

Navy sweatshirt

Blue cargo shorts

Blue trackpants

or      School blue tartan skirt

These regulation items are only available from the Uniform Shop at our school  


Short, plain black socks

     Black leather lace up school shoes

Sports Uniform

      Black shorts

       School PE shirt

No jewellery except watches.

If ears are pierced, plain studs only permitted.

PRICE  LIST               

Polo Shirts                     All Sizes                   $35.00

Sweatshirts                    All Sizes                   $50.00

Cargo Shorts                      All Sizes                   $38.00

Tartan Skirts                      All Sizes                   $70.00

Long Skirts                     All Sizes                   $85.00 (for Muslim students)

Trackpants                         Sizes 10-14              $40.00

                              Sizes S-M-L             $45.00

Jacket (Limited stock)        All Sizes                   $45.00

PE Shirt                               All Sizes                   $20.00