Wesley Intermediate School runs a student management programme that acknowledges positive behaviour. We follow the Positive Behaviour For Learning, (PB4L School) programme, that has been implemented in a number of schools with support from the Ministry of Education.

As part of the PB4L programme, we spend time teaching the students how to behave in different settings. Since this initiative was implemented we have seen a huge change in the way the students support each other in terms of behaviour and there is a great positive tone around the school. At Wesley Intermediate, we teach behaviour like we teach Maths, Reading and Writing.


PB4L focuses on positive behaviour and students are rewarded with different incentives around the school.

Discipline Plan
  1. Staff are trained to use PB4L strategies like re-teach,redirect and conference when negative behaviours are presented. Also a restorative chat is held with students involved. A staff member may contact the parent about the incident and set up a plan to support the respective student/s.                                                                                                                                    
  2. Outside agencies such as RTLB/Ed Psych may need to be involved to support teachers, students and families should behaviour continue.                                                                                                                              
  3. If steps one and two cannot resolve the concerns, a parent meeting will be held with the Principal or Deputy Principal to put in the supports needed to keep students safe. 
Gold Card Awards

These are given out to reward pupils e.g. working well, helping clean up, offering to help others, being courteous etc.  Children collect these Gold Cards throughout the term, and can exchange them for rewards at our Gold Card shop.

School trips and Good Day Rewards

Teachers record on a daily basis the good behaviour displayed by the students. A trip will be available at the end of each term for children that have earned the required amount of good days. A child must have permission from the Senior Leadership team to attend a school trip or good day reward.

Weekly Certificates from Class Teachers

Student of the week is awarded by the student leadership team, who vote for the students who are representing the school’s three values.

House Points

Students are put into one of our four School Houses. House Competitions are held throughout the year, and House Points are given out in the classes. At the end of the term the winning house receives a suitable reward.

Digital Learning

We offer a great opportunity for E-Learning to happen as students use individual devices in classes to further develop deeper thinking, working in a modern learning environment.


Every student has a Chromebook that allows teachers to implement up to date teaching and learning practices that accelerate students learning.

We use the digital devices to give every student an equal footing to make the most progress they can in the two years they are with us. Students become creators, not just consumers of knowledge. Mastering the digital device at their disposal and opening up a world of possibilities in return.


Our integrated inquiry planning seeks to create students who are confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners. We do this by creating authentic learning experiences that encourage them to practice lifelong skills.


Career pathways are developed through specialised teaching programmes and the teaching of essential skills for the future.


We offer a quality and successful sports programme that caters for the vast majority of students. The ability to provide top facilities, coaches and resources helps us ensure that there are sporting opportunities available for all of our students.

Other sports that are included on the Central Zone sports calendars are: Rugby, Netball, Soccer, Softball, Touch, Basketball, Rugby League, Touch, Turbo Touch, Swimming, Athletics, Sevens Rugby and Tag.

Sports Academy

Our School Sports Academy offers students the chance to be part of a structured sports programme working in line with experts from our local community. A core focus is to help develop their natural talents and abilities that prepare them for life impacting opportunities through sport.

Sporting Success

  • Winner of Central Zone 1st XV Rugby Tournament
  • Runners Up Inter Zone 1st XV Rugby Tournament
  • Winner of Central Zone Boys Tag Tournament
  • Runners Up Inter Zone Boys Tag Tournament
  • Sports Camp participants 2017