Wesley Intermediate School partners with a variety of organisations, businesses and initiatives. Below is some of the partnerships we have formed so far.

Wesley Intermediate School is an innovative school catering for the needs of the 21st Century learner with an integrated technology and inquiry focus.

The Schoolgen Programme helps this focus by providing real world solar data for students to investigate. Students can understand more about electricity and ways in which it can be generated, as well as learning about global sustainability. As students and their teachers become more aware of how they consume electricity they can focus on reducing their carbon footprint with energy efficiency in the school and at home.

 Introducing - Jenae (Public Health Nurse)

Hello! My name is Jenae Valk and I am the Public Health Nurse for Wesley Intermediate and Wesley Primary School.

I work as part of the Community Child Health and Disability Service, Child and Youth Team. We provide a range of community health services to school aged children, young people and their families and our aim is to promote the health and well-being of children and young people in the community.


What can you see me for?

I am here to help with all things health related – physical health, mental health, family health… all things health!  I can see you at school and also at home.

I also works with our Community Health Worker Viliami Moala to do the Sore Throat and Skin Health Clinics.


How can you find me?

You can get in touch with either by just asking to see me when Viliami comes round the class room or if you see me at school, or by filling in the online referral form.

I’m here at school a few times a week – usually a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning.  You can find me in the new community health clinic by the sick bay (where the old dental room was).

If you need to let Jenae know that you have a sore throat or Skin, she can arrange for a time to see you - use the handy link below:

Self referral form for students


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