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PB4L Team

Introducing the PB4L leadership team

The school PB4L-SW school team meets at least once a month, using a data-based decision-making process, to develop policies, procedures and activities related to PB4L-SW implementation.  If you need any information about PB4L please contact one of the team members.

School Principals:

Nigel Davis – External communications, oversight and accountability to BOT

Lou Reddy :Coach/ DP In charge of Behaviour management, supports Action Plan Implementation

Team Leaders - : Facilitates meeting, communications, implements action points in action plan

Gaewyn Haioti: Tier 1 Team Leader -Incentives and House Points

Simon Tafea: Tier 2 Team Leader - leads check in check out, supports basic FBA, pastoral support

Andy Crowe:  Software / data Systems / IT Support

What does the PB4L team do?

  • Helps to implement an Action plan within the school context

  • Everybody on the same page - A system of NO surprises

  • Makes decisions using data

  • Behaviour success links to curriculum success (explicit teaching of pro-social behaviours)

  • Development of the “team” in working towards solutions

What does the PB4L-SW team do?

  • establishes clear behavioural expectations in consultation with staff based on data;

  • maximising student compliance with these expectations, including support mechanisms;

  • clearly defining and implementing responses to non-adherence to expectations;

  • maximising staff implementation of procedures and systems of the above three components; and

  • establishing data collection about student behaviour for future decision making, and the authenticity of implementation of the first three components by staff.