Positive Behaviour 4 Learning (PB4L) is a government initiative aimed at supporting students as they embark on different learning journeys. As such, Wesley Intermediate School runs a student management programme that acknowledges positive behaviour. We follow the Positive Behaviour For Learning, (PB4L School) programme, that has been implemented in a number of schools with support from the Ministry of Education. As part of the PB4L programme, we spend time teaching the students how to behave in different settings. Since this initiative was implemented we have seen a huge change in the way the students support each other in terms of behaviour and there is a great positive tone around the school. At Wesley Intermediate, we teach behaviour like we teach Maths, Reading and Writing.

Additional information can be found within the Ministry of Education's PB4L overview (2015), downloadable here or by clicking the image to the right.

PB4L Reward Day

Term 2

Every term, students get to go on a school trip to reward good behaviour at Wesley Intermediate school. Student leaders get to choose the location. This term they decided to go to Paradise Ice Skating rink in Avondale. Thank you for having us today, students enjoyed themselves learning how to skate.