Career pathways are developed through specialised teaching programmes and the teaching of essential skills for the future. Students at Wesley Intermediate have access to specialised learning programmes offered by both our class teachers as well as a number of specialists employed specifically to widen choice and options. Students are able to select learning opportunities that allow them the chance to explore passions, leave their comfort zone and experiment with new knowledge and skills.

We are a school that thrives on innovation and thinking differently. With both our close and wider partnerships, our students have many opportunities to do things they had previously not contemplated. Through our work with Critical Pixels, students have begun exploring sustainable futures and recycling with genuine marketable products like coffee tables, skateboard decks and even seats, all made from recycled milk containers.

With an ever changing programme and specialist teaching staff, our students are never short of new options to explore and new learning to undertake. From food technology for our budding chefs of tomorrow, to learning within the nearby music and sound recording studio for New Zealand's next singing superstar, Wesley Intermediate School strives to cater to every need and strength.

Great opportunities for growing life skills