Curriculum Overview

Wis curriculum framework 2021

Core Subjects

panui, tuhi, pangarau 7 & 8 expectations

Te reo Māori

Te reo Māori is a language of communication in our country, Aotearoa. Our students are taught to understand and acknowledge tikanga Māori, grow in their ability to understand and speak the language, and to begin to learn how to read and write it. We strive for our learners to incorporate both language and Māori world view into their way of being while at Wesley Intermediate School. All students are offered te reo Māori through the Ka Mau te Wehi programme within the school.

Here at Wesley Intermediate School, we strive to provide a rich curriculum with multiple opportunities for new learning experiences and personal growth.

We follow an Inquiry Learning approach that supports critical and deeper thinking for students. Much of our planning is integrated and students are immersed in experiences that allow reading, writing and the arts to be explored simultaneously.

Learning Network

Through both partnerships with external influencers (Manaiakalani, Critical Pixels, Te Whangai) and by utilising our highly skilled teaching staff, we create high quality, authentic learning experiences and strong curriculum design. Our focus remains clear as we seek to support the development of confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners, as set out in the New Zealand Curriculum.